Below are the hymns (familiar ones, I believe) along with links to the tunes if you need a refresher.

Processional                Holy God, We Praise Your Name     138   (tune GROSSER GOTT)

Sequence                     Come, Thou Almighty King         148 vv. 1-3    (tune ITALIAN HYMN in F)         

Gospel                                                             See Bulletin Insert                                                                                       

Sequence                     Come, Thou Almighty King         148 v. 4                       

Quicunque Vult                                                             ASB 689

Offertory                     Holy, Holy, Holy!                               136    (tune NICEA)

Doxology                                                                                 34

Patriotic Hymn           America, the Beautiful                     727, v. 1

Communion Hymn                Glorify Thy Name                  146        (YouTube video with Lyrics)

Recessional                  Sing Praise to the Father                    142   (tune TO GOD BE THE GLORY)

Dismissal Hymn          Holy is the Lord                                  151    (tune SCHUBERT)